5 Reasons To Make A Career In SEO In India

Do you wish to make your career in SEO In India? And if you have so many questions in your mind.

What are SEO career opportunities in India, what will be the future SEO scope as a career?

This article will help you to clarify all of your questions.

career in seo in India

Why you shoud Select SEO as your Career In India?

1. Great Demand Of SEO Specialist Worldwide

With the booming of digital marketing Industries, SEO professionals are in great demand.

Every organization, big or small they is increasing its online presence. For this, an SEO specialist is needed for every organization.

And as per Google Trend, the demand for SEO specialists is increasing worldwide.

google trend data for seo professional

Now get ready to surprise!

SEO term is a more searched term than digital marketing.

Yes, I am not saying this. This is Google trend data.

digital marketing and seo serach term data

Google trend shows data of google directly.

Therefore this data prove this SEO is more popular than Digital marketing.

That’s why you can think to make career in SEO.

2. As an SEO Expert You Can Earn Good Money

Suppose you will compare the average Compensation of an SEO Expert with any professionals.

Like engineers, developers, marketers, designers, and architects.

You will realize the earning of an SEO expert is equivalent or much higher than them.

The salary of an SEO Expert can be 25 lakhs/annum in India.

Even as a freelancer SEO expert, you can make massive money from freelance job sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

3. A huge SEO job opportunities in India

4. You Can Work From Anywhere As a Freelancer

5. You Can Open Your Own SEO Agency

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